Armenian Hamster Anti-Mouse Tapasin Antibody, clone 5D3

— Target: Amino acids 11-34 of mouse tapasin.

Application(s): Western Blotting

Armenian hamster mAb (5D3) was produced to peptide EDAGGGGLSKKPATLLLRH GPRGP, representing residues 11–34 on mouse Tapasin (TPN) (44). TPN mAb was found to be specific for mouse TPN, as determined in a Western blot analysis of cell lysates of .221 (human TPN-positive) cells, .220 (human TPN-n…

Mouse anti-MR1 hybridomas, clone 4E3 and 6D1

— mAb 4E3 was derived by immunization of β2m-deficient BALB/c mice with a keyhole limpet hemocyanin-conjugated peptide corresponding to mMR1 residues 130–153 (L A M D Y V A H I T K Q A W E A N L H E L Q Y Q). Hybridomas were produced by standard methods and screened by anti-peptide ELISA.

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