Summaries by Inventor Lim, Kian-Huat

Targeting TPL2 in RAS-mutated cancers
Dodhiawala, Paarth ; Lim, Kian-Huat

— Technology Description Researchers in Kian-Huat Lim’s lab at Washington University have developed a therapeutic strategy to target TPL2 in RAS-mutated cancers, which should work synergistically with chemotherapy and radiation. As TPL2 (MAP3K8) is necessary for upstream activation of both MAP…

CCR2-targeted cancer nanoimmunotherapy
Lim, Kian-Huat ; Liu, Yongjian ; Zhang, Xiaohui

— Disease indication – Drug format – Combination containing radiolabeled copper nanocluster, small molecule, and peptide Drug class – First-in-class Target – CCR2, the receptor for CCL2 Mode of action – The ECL1i peptide is conjugated to a copper nanocluster loaded…


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