Col4a3-/- Alport Mice on the 129S1/SvImJ strain background

— Mouse line carrying a mutation in Col4a3 backcrossed to 129S1/Sv1mJ strain. The mice show kidney failure at 10-12 weeks of age to enable rapid drug screening.

Publication: A mouse collagen4α4 mutation causing Alport glomerulosclerosis with abnormal collagen α3α4α5(IV) trime…

Antibodies to Type IV Collagen alpha3/4/5 Chains, Collagen IV alpha3 chain: 353; Collagen IV alpha4 chain: 356; Collagen IV alpha5 chain: 358

— Collagen antibodies that bind to the major collagen IV component of the kidney glomerular basement membrance. The antbiodies reaction with mouse, rat, and human chains and were derived using the noncollagenous NCI domains at the COOH-termini in rabbit antiserum to mouse.

Collagen IV alpha3 chain: 353

Collagen IV alpha4 chain: 356

Collagen IV alpha5 chain: 358

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