BOOM-TCRtg mice

— BOOM TCRtg mice express a T cell receptor specific for the Bt4295(541-554) epitope of the commensal bacteria Bacteroids thetaiodaomicron. This is the first mouse TCRtg line developed specific for B. theta.

Armenian hamster anti-mouse TCR Vb 8.3 IgG3 monoclonal antibody (clone 1B3.3)

— Target: Full length mouse Vb 8.3 TCR but not 8.1 or 8.2. Vb 8.3.

Application: Flow cytometry

This antibody was made by immunizing Armenian hamsters. It was used to study the mechanisms that act to keep only one functional TCR beta-chain per cell and the effect of selecting ligand density on positive selection and endogenous receptor usage in mice.

Publication: TCR transgenic mice in which …

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