Mouse Hybridoma producing IgG2b Monoclonal Antibodies to Human FcRL4

Tech ID: T-007612

Balb/c mice were immunized three times at two week intervals with paraformaldehyde-fixed FcRL4 stable transfectants, first in CFA, then twice in IFA + CpG 1826. Three days prior to fusion with SP2/0 cells, the final immunization was performed by IP injection of irradiated cells in PBS. Hybridoma clones were screened by FACS for the ability to stain FcRL4 expressing P815 cells, but not the P815 parent cell line. Blocking antibodies for FcRL4 were identified by FACS using a 1:1 mixture of FcRL4-expressing and non-expressing P815 cells pre-incubated with anti-FcRL4 antibody.

Publication: Human FcRL4 and FcRL5 are receptors for IgA and IgG


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Poranki, Deepika

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