Monoclonal antibodies against pSer784-VCP

Tech ID: T-019491

VCP is an essential AAA+ ATPase that regulates proteostasis under normal and stressed cellular conditions. These monoclonal antibodies specifically recognize pSer784-VCP, which is phosphorylated during the DNA damage response and plays a crucial role in cellular survival upon genotoxic chemotherapy treatment. They can be used in Western blot (WB), immunofluorescence staining (IF), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and Immunoprecipitation (P).

Publication: Zhu, C., Rogers, A., Asleh, K., Won, J., Gao, D., Leung, S., … & You, Z. (2020). Phospho-Ser784-VCP Is Required for DNA Damage Response and Is Associated with Poor Prognosis of Chemotherapy-Treated Breast Cancer. Cell Reports, 31(10), 107745.


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