High Affinity Mannose Receptor Ligand

Tech ID: T-000197

Technology Description: The mannose receptor is uniquely found on macrophages and not on monocytes, making the mannose receptor a target for macrophage activation. Researchers at Washington University have developed polypeptide backbones to target the mannose receptor on macrophages. This technology utilizes optimal spacing of the sugar residues to result in higher receptor affinities, with minimized circulation of mannose binding protein. These high affinity mannose receptor ligands can readily be prepared in homogeneous form and used in the synthesis of suitable pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, applicable to treatment for macrophage-mediated diseases, including asthma, inflammatory diseases, and infectious diseases.

Patent: 5,432,260

Publication: J Leukoc Biol. 2003 Aug;74(2):206-15.


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Miller, Qian


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