Grueneisen-memory photoacoustic microscopy

Tech ID: T-014165

Lihong Wang, Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, is a pioneer in the field of Photoacoustic (PA) Imaging. His innovations have enabled non-invasive imaging of living organisms at scales ranging from subcellular to whole-body at depths and resolutions that are simply impossible with any purely optical imaging methodology. PA imaging can be used to extract functional, biochemical, and molecular information.

Here are just a few of Dr. Wang’s fundamental breakthroughs:
• 3D Photoacoustic Microscopy (PAM) with Sub-Diffraction-Limited Resolution
• A Genetically-Encoded Phytochrome for Specific Labeling in vivo for Photoacoustic Imaging
• Single-Cell, Label-Free Flowoxigraphy
• Time-Reversed Ultrasonic Encoding (TRUE) for Greatly-Enhancing Imaging Depth

There is clear demand for a turn-key photoacoustic microscope. As a University, we are looking for a partner who can leverage the large amount of intellectual property we have accumulated to develop a commercial system.


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