Deterministic two-photon controlled-phase logic gate

Tech ID: T-018542

Technology Description

Researchers in the lab of Professor JT Shen at Washington University have developed a two-photon controlled-phase quantum logic gate capable of up to 97% fidelity at room temperature. The design uses chiral optical waveguides with photonic molecules to create a deterministic controlled-phase gate.

While electromagnetically induced transparency can be used to create deterministic gates in ultracold systems, only probabilistic gates have been demonstrated at room temperature. A high-fidelity controlled-phase gate in moderate conditions will enable fully scalable quantum architecture.

Schematic diagram of the two-photon controlled-phase gate.

Stage of Research

The inventors have designed and validated the gate computationally. Ongoing work involves constructing and testing the gate experimentally.



  • Optical quantum computing

Key Advantages

  • Capable of functioning at room temperature
  • Highly efficient: deterministic gate has fidelity up to 97%

Patents: Pending

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