Cryopreserved sperm from Bnip3-KO mice, Nix KO mice, and Nix floxed allele mice

Tech ID: T-018843

Bnip3-KO mice: These were generated by replacing exons 2 and 3 with a neomycin resistance cassette. Recombinations were identified via southern blot.

Publication: Inhibition of ischemic cardiomyocyte apoptosis through targeted ablation of Bnip3 restrains postinfarction remodeling in mice

Nix KO mice: Exons 4 to 6a, encoding the putative BH3 domain and the essential carboxyl-terminal transmembrane domain (22) of Nix, were targeted by flanking them with loxP sites, in combination with a frt-flanked neomycin phosphotransferase module to positively select putative homologous recombinant embryonic stem cells. Correctly targeted recombinants were identified by EcoRI restriction digest and Southern blot.

Publication: Unrestrained erythroblast development in Nix-/- mice reveals a mechanism for apoptoic modulation of erythropoiesis


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Miller, Qian

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