CEPT1 floxed mice

Tech ID: T-019637

C57BL/6 ES cells were targeted with a vector (European Conditional Mouse Mutagenesis Program) carrying loxP sites flanking exon 3 of mouse Cept1. A karyotypically normal clone (of 10 correctly targeted) was injected into B6(Cg)-Tyrc-2J/J blastocysts and chimeric mice were bred with B6(Cg)-Tyrc2J/J females, and then offspring were crossed with Flp recombinase transgenics to remove the neo cassette and yield floxed heterozygous Cept1 mice (Cept1 lox+/wt). Breeding with human a-skeletal actin (HSA)-Cre mice (13) generated CEPT1 muscle-specific knockout (CEPT1-MKO) mice, which were born in expected Mendelian fashion, indistinguishable from their control littermates and fertile.

Funai, K., Lodhi, I.J., Spears, L.D., Yin, L., Song, H., Klein, S., Semenkovich, C.F. (2016). Skeletal Muscle Phospholipid Metabolism Regulates Insulin Sensitivity and Contractile Function. Diabetes, 65(2): 358-370.


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