B2m Floxed mouse

Tech ID: T-018951

To generate the mice, the researchers micro-injected ES cell clones carrying the targeted allele B2mtm1a(EUCOMM)Hmgu (B2mtm1a) into Albino B6 blastocysts.Chimeric mice were bred to Albino B6 to identify germline transmission by coat color. Mice containing the germline-transmitted B2mtm1a allele were subsequently bred to FLP transgenic mice to generate the B2mtm1c (B2mfl) allele. The albino and FLP alleles were removed through breeding. The mouse strain can be bred to tissue specific CRE animals to generate tissue specific and inducible knock out animals for research purposes.

Publication: Inducible down-regulation of MHC class I results in natural killer cell tolerance


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Miller, Qian


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