Summaries by Inventor Singamaneni, Srikanth

Nanomaterial to eliminate cold chain by preserving biological reagents and patient samples
Kharasch, Evan ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Wang, Congzhou

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team at Washington University has developed low-cost, easy-to-use, nanoparticles that can preserve antibodies, proteins and other biological molecules without refrigeration. This technology employs metal organic frameworks (MOF) that can be used in two w…

Encapsulation to protect detection antibodies in implantable and wearable biosensors
Chakrabartty, Shantanu ; Gupta, Rohit ; Luan, Jingyi ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Scheller, Erica ; Singamaneni, Srikanth

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Washington University have developed a universal system designed to extend the lifetime of implantable and wearable biosensors by protecting detection antibodies from harsh conditions and enabling a refreshing process to release bo…

Artificial antibody platform to eliminate cold-chain in label-free plasmonic biosensor detection for diagnostics and research
Abbas, Abdennour ; Kharasch, Evan ; Liu, Keng-Ku ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Tian, Limei

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Washington University have developed a patented plasmonic nanotransducer system with built-in, highly stable artificial antibodies that can quickly detect and quantify biological molecules. These artificial antibodies can be rapidl…

Low-cost, flexible paper substrate for sensitive trace chemical and biological detection using SERS (surface enhanced Raman scattering)
Kharasch, Evan ; Lee, Chang Hee ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Singamaneni, Srikanth

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Srikanth Singamaneni’s laboratory have developed a patented, low-cost, flexible substrate designed to improve sample collection and enhance analyte detection with surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) or localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR…

Simple, stable plasmonic biosensors for point-of-care diagnosis of cardiac arrest and other conditions
Kharasch, Evan ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Tadepalli, Sirimuvva

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Washington University have developed a sensitive, shelf-stable, label-free system for quickly quantifying biomarkers in point-of-care settings (e.g., office, ambulance or battlefield). Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) off…

“Gemini” connector device to prevent peripheral venous catheters from dislodging and leaking
Arias, Eric ; Bayly, Philip ; Dacey, Ralph ; Derdeyn, Colin ; Genin, Guy ; Kim, Albert ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Norlin, James ; Scheid, Brittany ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Vemuri, Chandu ; Wang, Lihong ; Zipfel, Gregory

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed the patented “Gemini” breakaway connector to turn peripheral venous catheter (PVC) fluid flow on and off without leaking. In addition, this easy-to-use device is designed to prevent PVC di…

Photothermal disinfection of N95 respirators
Jun, Young-Shin ; Singamaneni, Srikanth

— Technology Description A team of researchers led by Young-Shin Jun have developed a polymer coating for N95 respirators that would permit fast, easy, and cheap N95 disinfection using only direct sunlight. The researchers coated the outermost fabric layer in polydopamine, which converts photon energ…

Low-cost, high-performance materials for solar-driven membrane distillation in water treatment and desalination
Jiang, Qisheng ; Jun, Young-Shin ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Wu, Xuanhao

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Young-Shin Jun’s laboratory and Prof. Singamaneni’s laboratory have developed high performance, stable membrane materials that can be used for photothermal membrane distillation (PMD) to purify or desalinate water with minimal input of electric…

Bio-robotic “artificial nose” system for detecting explosives and other chemicals
Altan, Ege ; Chakrabartty, Shantanu ; Chandak, Rishabh ; Mehta, Darshit ; Raman, Baranidharan ; Saha, Debajit ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Tadepalli, Sirimuvva ; Traner, Michael

— Technology Description Prof. Barani Raman and colleagues have developed a robust, insect-based, non-invasive sensing system to detect explosives or other chemicals. This “artificial nose” technology includes methods to decode neural signals from the insect’s olfactory system and …


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