Summaries by Inventor Schreiber, Robert

STAT1 Knockout Mice
Schreiber, Robert

— Notes: STAT1-/- knockout mouse with a 129S6 backgroundInventors used homologous recombination techniques to create mice that lack functionally active STAT1. Characterization studies reveal that STAT1-deficient mice display a global state of unresponsiveness to either IFNα or IFNγ and are unable to resolve infections by microbial pathogens a…

d42m1 & F279 tumor cell lines
Schreiber, Robert

— D42m1 is a methycholanthrene (MCA) induced sarcoma cell line generated in 129S6 strain RAG2 gene targeted mice. These cells are highly immunogenic and are rejected when transplanted into syngeneic naive wild type mice. F244 is an MCA induced sarcoma cell line generated in wild type 129S6 mice. Thes…

Murine neoantigen containing plasmids
Schreiber, Robert

— Two plasmids each containing a single murine mutant tumor neoantigen: a) retroviral MSCV-IRES encoding full length mutant lamanin alpha 4 (mLama4) b) retroviral MSCV plasmid encoding full length mutant integrin beta 1 (mItgb1)

Hamster Monoclonal IgG2a Antibody against Mouse IFN-Beta
Schreiber, Robert ; Sheehan, Kathleen

— Description: HDbeta-4A7- mouse IgG2a monoclonal antibody reactive with murine Interferon-beta. This mAb has neutralizing activity. Publication:

Hamster Monoclonal IgG Antibody against Mouse IFN-Alpha
Schreiber, Robert ; Sheehan, Kathleen

— Description: TIF-3C5- Armenian hamster monoclonal antibody reactive with murine Type I Interferons, including IFN alpha A, 1, 4, 5, 11 and 13 but not IFNbeta. This mAb can block functional activity. Publication:

Murine Tumor Cell Lines
Schreiber, Robert

— Murine tumor cell lines Murine syngeneic MCA induced tumor lines have been developed and characterized by the Schreiber Lab and provide critical models to study drugs or pathways that impact tumor growth or rejection. In particular they are used to study mechanism of action of immune checkpoint blo…

Human HLA Monomers and Murine MHC-1 Monomers
Schreiber, Robert

— This technology contains a panel of human or mouse specific monomers for staining T cells to enumerate antigen specific cells. The proteins have been produced in E coli after the generation of plasmids encoding each monomer. The proteins are folded in association with unique peptides and purified by…

Hamster Hybridoma producing Monoclonal Antibody against Mouse CXCL9
Schreiber, Robert ; Sheehan, Kathleen

— Target: Inflammatory chemokine CXCL9, monokine induced by IFN-gamma. Secreted mainly by macrophages. Notes: Clone MIG-2F5-5. Use in ELISA, neutralizing and binding assays.

Hamster Hybridoma producing Monoclonal Antibody against Mouse CXCR3
Schreiber, Robert

— Target: C-X-C chemokine family member (CXCR3). Expressed on NK cells, activated T lymphocytes, select endothelial and epithelial cells.Hamsters were immunized with a multiple antigens peptide-8 (MAPS-8) encompassing amino acids 1 to 37 of mouse CXCR3 in complete Freund’s adjuvant, and boosted with peptide in incomplete Freund’s adjuvant. Hamsters showing ELISA seropositivity for CXCR3 peptide were boosted and hybridomas gen…

Hamster Hybridoma producing Monoclonal Antibody against Murine IFNAR-1
Schreiber, Robert ; Sheehan, Kathleen

— Target: Type-1 interferon receptor subunit, a key signaling receptor in the interferon pathway. Notes: Clones MAR1-5A3, MAR1 -1H5, MAR1-3A7, MAR1-4D12, MAR1-4F12Monclonal antibodies specific for MuIFNAR1 were isolated from hybridomas developed following immunization of IFNAR1 gene targeted mice with purified plasmid encoding the the extracellular domain of murine IFNAR1 expressed in pRK5 using a method of hydrodynamic immunization. Publication:

B-122 and Alf-161 – Hamster IgG Monoclonal Antibodies against Mouse/Rat IL-1 Beta and Mouse IL-1 Alpha
Schreiber, Robert

— Target: Mouse/rat interleukin-1 beta and mouse interleukin-1 alpha. Located on macrophages, dendritic cells, T and B cells. Notes: Clone name is B-122 and Alf-161Information on antibodies against IL-1 beta: The role of murine IL-1 beta in vitro and in vivo has not been defined. We describe here the production of neutralizing and immunoprecipitating mAb and polyclonal antibodies specific for murine IL-1 beta and their application to a characterization of the…

Knockout Mouse lacking Expression of the Batf3 Gene
Diamond, Michael ; Murphy, Kenneth ; Murphy, Theresa ; Schreiber, Robert ; Unanue, Emil

— Notes: Batf3-/- knockout mouse with a 129SvEv background.


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