Summaries by Inventor Grigsby, Perry

Brachytherapy device for outpatient, MRI-guided treatment of gynecological cancers
Grigsby, Perry

— Technology Description Researchers in Dr. Perry Grigsby’s lab have developed a patented brachytherapy device for outpatient, MRI-guided treatment of gynecological cancers. Gynecological cancers, such as recurrent endometrial and cervical cancers, can be treated with brachytherapy, but requir…

Autosegmentation tool
Grigsby, Perry ; Ma, Daniel ; Rao, Yuan

— The technology encompasses a software method for automatically and interactively segmenting previously acquired medical images, including MRI and CT studies, based on edge and interior characteristics of regions. The method allows for arbitrary levels of sensitivity in differentiating areas of inte…

Applicator device for reducing artifacts in MR-guided gynecological brachytherapy
Grigsby, Perry ; Zoberi, Jacqueline

— Technology Description Radiation oncologists at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a patented plastic sheath applicator device to improve treatment planning and tumor targeting in image-guided brachytherapy (IGBT) for uterine and cervical cancer. Currently, high-dose rate brachyther…


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