Summaries by Inventor Gong, Yong-feng

miRNA mimics to treat metabolic disease
Gong, Yong-feng ; Hou, Jianghui

— Disease indication: metabolic disorders including insulin resistance and diabetic nephropathy Drug format: chemically modified synthetic microRNA (miRNA) Drug class: first-in-class for metabolic disease Research stage and Preliminary data: Target: miR-29 mimics can increase the gene expressio…

Manipulating Tricellular Junction Permeability in Blood Brain Barrier to Treat Brain Tumors
Gong, Yong-feng ; Hou, Jianghui

— Background: Brain tumors are the most lethal disease known to mankind with approximately 170,000 annual diagnoses and 13,000 deaths attributed to brain cancer. Glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive, has a median survival of approximately 18 months. Chemotherapeutic agents have been approved b…


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