Summaries by Inventor Genin, Guy

Biomimetic device for stronger repair of rotator cuff and other soft tissue-to-bone tears
Galatz, Leesa ; Genin, Guy ; Hoppe, Ethan ; Smith, Lester ; Thomopoulos, Stavros ; Yoon, Dong Hwan

— Technology Description A team of engineers led by Professor Guy Genin has developed a device to strengthen the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for use in orthopedic procedures such as rotator cuff repairs. Although tendon and ligament tears are common, the techniques used to reattach these tis…

Adhesive coated sutures for stronger musculoskeletal repairs
Genin, Guy ; Linderman, Stephen ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team at Washington University in St. Louis has developed patented adhesive-coated sutures with the potential to reduce ruptures following surgical repair of tendons and ligaments. These modified sutures are designed to minimize stress by shifting the mec…

Arteriovenous graft designed to prevent thrombosis and graft failure
Genin, Guy ; Williams, Dillon ; Zayed, Mohamed

— Technology Description Prof. Mohamed Zayed and colleagues have developed an arteriovenous graft cuff with features designed to normalize the blood shear rate and decrease risk of thrombosis at the venous end anastomosis. This device could reduce the failure rate of these grafts, thereby improving …

Rotoscope – A Self-Cleaning Endoscope
Genin, Guy ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Margolis, Daniel ; Somers, Thane ; Yarbrough, Chester

— Technology Description: Drs. Eric Leuthardt and Guy Genin have devised a medical device designed for faster and safer endoscopic surgeries. During these surgeries, the camera lens of the endoscope can become obscured with blood, fog and debris. This slows down the procedure, as the surgeon has to r…

Accurate, efficient 2D strain mapping with robust detection of strain localization
Boyle, John ; Genin, Guy ; Pless, Robert ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Summary DDE (Direct Deformation Estimation) and SIMPLE (Strain Interference with Measures of Probable Local Elevation) are two simple Digital Image Correlation algorithms that combine image analysis techniques with mechanical engineering principles to provide accurate, efficient, quantitative strai…

Trackable pedicle screws
Brunner, Peter ; Genin, Guy ; Hacker, Carl ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Lowe, Halle ; Molina, Camilo ; Moran, Daniel ; Repka, Alicia ; Sandler, Jacob

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a system that uses lenticular arrays to better track pedicle screw placement during spinal fusion surgery. By enabling an accurate assessment of the screws’ locations, this system allows for computer-auto…

String Theory: Neurovascular Catheter System with 2-in-1 Variable Rigidity
Chandrasekaran, Vinay ; Genin, Guy ; Hafez, Daniel ; Hartquist, Chase ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Lowe, Halle ; Osbun, Joshua ; Zayed, Mohamed

— An interdisciplinary team at Washington University has developed an easy-to-use neurovascular catheter system designed to reduce surgery time and prevent herniation during transradial interventions for stroke, aneurysms and other conditions. This device, called “String Theory”, can be sw…

Isochoric Actuator
Cashin, John ; Genin, Guy ; Lee, Sanghun ; Zayed, Mohamed

— Device used to maintain a constant volume within an isolated treatment zone while exchanging its internal volume. Current aspiration and lytic delivery thrombectomy devices do not have isolated treatment zone. Suction could result in collapse or the lysis could result in the distension of the vein wall. Device allows for tandem infusion and suction of fluids from this treatment zone while ensuring that the volume within this treatment zone remains constant.

SPARTA – A Stent for Fusiform Aneurysms that Prevents Endoleaks
Bayly, Philip ; Derdeyn, Colin ; Elbert, Donald ; Genin, Guy ; Leuthardt, Eric ; McCoy, Kathleen ; Suh, JunWoo ; Teh, Yuni ; Vemuri, Chandu ; Zhao, Alan ; Zipfel, Gregory

— Background: Popliteal artery aneurysms are the most prevalent type of peripheral aneurysms and are treated surgically to prevent rupture. Currently, surgical options include open surgery or endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). EVAR is less invasive than open surgery, resulting in shorter hospital st…

“Gemini” connector device to prevent peripheral venous catheters from dislodging and leaking
Arias, Eric ; Bayly, Philip ; Dacey, Ralph ; Derdeyn, Colin ; Genin, Guy ; Kim, Albert ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Norlin, James ; Scheid, Brittany ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Vemuri, Chandu ; Wang, Lihong ; Zipfel, Gregory

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed the patented “Gemini” breakaway connector to turn peripheral venous catheter (PVC) fluid flow on and off without leaking. In addition, this easy-to-use device is designed to prevent PVC di…


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