Summaries by Inventor Achilefu, Samuel

LS301 and LS301 dimer
Achilefu, Samuel ; Sharmah Gautam, Krishna

— Fluorescent tagged octapeptide for cancer detection

Compositions for targeting pathologic cells and tissues
Achilefu, Samuel ; Liang, Kexian ; Shen, Duanwen ; Tang, Rui ; Xu, Baogang

— Background: Almost 1.7 million new cancer cases are diagnosed in the US each year. Pancreatic cancer is particularly lethal, with an estimated 38,000 deaths in 2013 alone and a 5-year survival rate of 5%. Despite advances in noninvasive imaging modalities, the current gold standard consisting of …

Hands-free, Wireless Goggles for Near-infrared fluorescence and Real-time Image-guided Surgery
Achilefu, Samuel ; Akers, Walter ; Bauer, Adam ; Culver, Joseph ; Liu, Yang

— Background: Current cancer management faces several challenges, including high occurrence of residual tumor after resection, adverse effects from sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy, and use of bulky systems in surgical suites for image guidance. Technology Description: To overcome these limitations, …

Macrocyclic Molecular Beacons Useful for Medical applications
Achilefu, Samuel ; Ye, Yunpeng

— Technology Description: Macrocyclic Molecular Beacons Useful for Medical applications :US 20070098638 (published US application) : The sensitivity and specificity of the optical modality can be enhanced by the use of highly absorbing compounds as contrast agents. Novel macrocyclic cyanine and indocy…

Tumor detection by targeting and monitoring integrin expression using synergistic effects of molecular beacons and peptides
Achilefu, Samuel

— Background: Integrins are multi-subunit transmembrane proteins involved in a wide range of cellular processes including the induction of new blood vessel formation and tumor metastasis. The growth of new blood vessels, termed angiogenesis, is associated with an altered integrin expression profile wh…

Calcium Carbonate nanoparticles for normalizing tumor microenvironment
Achilefu, Samuel

— Description: Calcium Carbonate nanoparticles for normalizing tumor microenvironment Publication: Som A, Raliya R, Tian L, Akers W, Ippolito JE, Singamaneni S, Biswas P, Achilefu S. Monodispersed calcium carbonate nanoparticles modulate local pH and inhibit tumor growth in vivo. Nanoscale. 2016 Jul …

Tumor Detection Using Digitally Enhanced and Stimulated Thermal Imaging
Achilefu, Samuel ; Meng, Hongyu ; Mondal, Suman ; O'Brien, Christine ; Shmuylovich, Leonid

— Background Temperature differences between tumor and healthy tissue due to increased blood flow and metabolic activity are exploited for thermal imaging (TI) as an adjunct imaging modality for cancer diagnosis. Despite many technological advances and recent improvements, TI has a limited tumor dept…

Imaging and treatment of pathophysiologic conditions by Cerenkov Radiation
Achilefu, Samuel ; Kotagiri, Nalinikanth

— Background: Around 1 million patients receive radiation therapy every year with an estimated cost of $2,000 per treatment. The market demands technologies that can provide efficacious therapeutics and diagnostic imaging while minimizing harmful side effects. Photodynamic therapy can simultaneously s…

SPECT imaging nanoprobe for the detection of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activity
Achilefu, Samuel ; Black, Kvar

— This invention is the formulation of a SPECT nanoparticle probe for the detection of MMP activity. The surface of a 10 nm-sized gold nanoparticle is functionalized through a thiol anchor with a peptide that is cleaved in the presence of MMP9. The surface is also functionalized with methoxy polyethyl…

Achilefu, Samuel ; Biswas, Pratim ; Raliya, Ramesh ; Som, Avik

— Background: Physiological pH changes consistently affect millions of people worldwide. A slight variation in physiological pH exposes the body to various health risks, ranging from common heartburn to the formation of malignant tumors. Conventional methods for buffering pH are accomplished through a…

Dual Light-Emitting Systems and Biological Applications Thereof
Achilefu, Samuel ; Berezin, Mikhail ; Zhang, Zongren

— Background: Near Infrared (NIR) fluorescence can be highly useful in biological systems as it is highly sensitive and allows for detection and imaging of physiological and molecular processes in cells and living organisms. However, radiometric imaging is difficult in the NIR region of the light spec…


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