Multiparametric Cardiac Strain Analysis of Myocardial Viability

Tech ID: T-014564

Background: Assessing left ventricle (LV) cardiac contractile function is a good indicator of overall heart health and is used to determine which patients are good candidates for revascularization surgery. With over 3 million new coronary artery disease patients annually and over 1 million annual revascularization surgeries in the US, there is need for an improved, non-invasive technique to quantitatively assess LV contractile function.

Technology Description: A team led by Dr. Michael Pasque has developed cardiac MRI-based multiparametric strain analysis techniques to provide quantitative assessments of LV contractile function. The patented techniques and Normal Human Strain Database may be used as a screening mechanism to non-invasively assess heart function or to assess cardiac tissue viability to inform revascularization surgeries.

Key Advantages:

  • Uses non-invasive MRI imaging to assess heart function
  • Provides an objective, quantitative measure of LV contractile function
  • Provides localized information


‘Quantifying “normalized” regional left ventricular contractile function in ischemic coronary artery disease’;

‘Three‐dimensional regional strain computation method with displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (DENSE) in non‐ischemic, non‐valvular dilated cardiomyopathy patients and healthy subjects validated by tagged MRI’;

‘Regional Myocardial Contractile Function: Multiparametric Strain Mapping’;

‘Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Normalized Multiparametric Myocardial Strain Predicts Contractile Recovery’;

Patents: Issued US patent 9,176,211, Method for quantitatively mapping myocardial contractile function with magnetic resonance based multiparametric strain analysis

Pending US patent 15/520,991, Systems and methods for measuring cardiac strain

Lead Inventor: Michael K. Pasque, MD, Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery; and Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis.




Carter, Paul

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