Macrocyclic Molecular Beacons Useful for Medical applications

Tech ID: T-004044

Technology Description: Macrocyclic Molecular Beacons Useful for Medical applications :US 20070098638 (published US application) : The sensitivity and specificity of the optical modality can be enhanced by the use of highly absorbing compounds as contrast agents. Novel macrocyclic cyanine and indocyanine bioconjugates that absorb and emit light in the near infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum are disclosed. These compounds are especially useful for endoscopic, localized photoacoustic, and sonofluorescence imaging, detection and therapy of tumors and other abnormalities. These compounds demonstrate improvement in the delivery of the bioconjugates to targeted tumors or other biomasses and stability against degradation.

Patents: Issued (7,850,946; 8,318,133; 20070098638)

Publications: J Am Chem Soc. 2003 Jul 2;125(26):7766-7.; J Am Chem Soc. 2004 Jun 30;126(25):7740-1.


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Markiewicz, Gregory

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