Itaconate Immunomodulatory Properties-Ischemia Reperfusion

Tech ID: T-016181

Technology Summary: Approximately 1.3 million individuals each year in USA alone are affected by ischemia-reperfusion injuries. A substantial portion of such injuries is the result of macrophage-mediated inflammation. There are some conventional methods for treating macrophage-mediated inflammation, but none has acquired a significant market share. A novel approach of administering itaconate or its derivatives could potentially surpass the existing treatments. Recent discovery of itaconate to suppress the LPS-induced immune macrophage response could open up new treatment opportunities for patients suffering from ischemic-reperfusion injuries.


  • Potential therapeutic approach to ischemia-reperfusion injury
  • Non-toxic and scalable
  • Additional marketability as supplement.




Poranki, Deepika

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