Adenovirus: Ad-GFP-LC3, Ad-FLAG-BNIP3, Ad-mBECLIN-1, Ad-Parkin(HA), Ad-TRAF2(FLAG), Ad-TRAF2-Rm, Ad- TRAF2-deltaN. Plasmids: mCherry-GFP-LC3, DsRed-BNIP3, GFP-Parkin, GFP-LC3, DsRed-monomer-GFP fusion positive control

Tech ID: T-017834

Adenoviruses were generated using the Invitrogen Virapower system, which uses Clonase mediated recombination. They were generated in HEK293A cells and titered per the manufacturer's instructions.

Publications: Enhancing lysosome biogenesis attenuates BNIP3-induced cardiomyocyte death; Impaired autophagosome clearance contributes to cardiomyocyte death in ischemia/reperfusion injury.; TNF-Receptor Associated Factor-2 Mediates Mitochondrial Autophagy


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Miller, Qian

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