Summaries by Inventor Zhu, Jiangang

Detecting and Measuring Single Nanoparticles & Molecules with a Tapered Optical Fiber CIP
Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan ; Zhu, Jiangang

— The invention describes an instrument for detecting single particles, and measuring their properties (size or mass). The device contains only a tapered optical fiber. A laser diode as the light source and a photo-detector to measure the light intensity are also needed to complete the sensing system.…

Single nanoparticle detection and sizing by mode-splitting in an ultra-high-Q microresonator
Chen, Da-Ren ; He, Lina ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan ; Zhu, Jiangang

— With the rapid progress in nanotechnology, a variety of nanoparticles of different materials and sizes have been synthesized and engineered as key components in various applications ranging from solar cell technologies to biomolecular detection1-3. Meanwhile, nanoparticles generated continuously by …


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