Summaries by Inventor Zhang, Fuzhong

Plasmids harboring 3HB with different split intein
Bai, Wenqin ; Zhang, Fuzhong

— Plasmids harboring 3HB with different split intein: pWB076-pE8a-GpC10-3HBt-CfaN10; pWB088-pE8a- CfaC10-3HBt-NrdJN10; pWB079-pE8a-NrdJC10-3HBt-GpN10. Enabling a new process to compare nanostructures.

Cas9-based plasmids for engineering Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 cyanobacteria
Zhang, Fuzhong

— These plasmids were developed by Washington University researchers as tools for genetically engineering Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 (S6803), a model cyanobacterium used commonly in research and biotechnology applications. Because S6803 is polyploid, genetic modification of this strain typically requi…

DH1, DH1(tesA) & BC33 – E. coli strains for producing branched-chain fatty acids
Zhang, Fuzhong

— CL111 was first transformed with the plasmids containing BCFA-producing pathway. The straight-chain-specific fabH was then eliminated by phage P1 transduction with lysates grown on strain CAG12094. The transduction mixtures were plated on LB-agar medium supplemented with appropriate anti-biotics (te…

E. coli plasmids and strains for biofuel synthesis
Jiang, Wen ; Xiao, Yi ; Zhang, Fuzhong

— pA5c-tesA, pA8c-tesA-mleuABCD, pE2k-alsS-ilvCD Researchers used a standard restriction digestion cloning based on the Biobrick platform or Gibson assembly to construct the plasmids. E. coli DH10B was used for cloning. These plasmids were designed to increase branch chain fatty acid production. Pub…

In vivo PopQC – Simple quality control system to enhance industrial-scale microbial production of chemicals, biofuels and pharmaceuticals
Xiao, Yi ; Zhang, Fuzhong

— Researchers in Prof. Fuzhong Zhang’s laboratory have developed a simple, scalable, broadly-applicable system to enhance fermentation efficiency for biosynthetic production of biofuels, pharmaceuticals, materials and other useful chemicals. Currently, biosynthetic pathways have enabled renewabl…

Split intein synthetic biology platform for scalable microbial production of high-performance biomimetic textiles, adhesives and other materials
Bowen, Christopher ; Dai, Bin ; Zhang, Fuzhong

— Brief Description A team of engineers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a synthetic biology platform for low-cost, sustainable production of high-performance composite materials. This technology uses a split intein assembly system to synthesize high molecular weight polymers (e.…


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