Summaries by Inventor Yang, Lan

Ultra High Quality Tunable Add-Drop Filter Based on Active Whispering Gallery Mode resonators
Monifi, Faraz ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan

— Whispering Gallery Mode (WGM) Resonators have been shown to have unique properties holding great promise for use in optical communication systems. Recent innovations from Dr. Lan Yang’s Nano-Photonics lab at Washington University in St Louis bring the promise much closer to reality. In particu…

Low-cost optical sensors for high performance, discrete hearing aids
Liao, Jie ; Yang, Lan

— Technology Description A team of engineers in Prof. Lan Yang’s laboratory have developed ultra-sensitive, broad bandwidth optical sensors that could detect sound in low-cost, discrete hearing devices. This technology utilizes whispering gallery mode (WGM) resonators as compact photonic vibra…

Parity-Time Symmetric Whispering-Gallery-Mode Microcavities Sensor
Ozdemir, Sahin ; Peng, Bo ; Yang, Lan

— A non-reciprocal transmission device based on PT symmetry was previously theorized but never before constructed and shown to work at useful optical wavelengths. The new structure allows creation of the miniaturized optical isolation function without use of the century+ known Faraday effect. Optica…

Chaotic Optomechanical Resonators
Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan

— Background: Chaos is considered hypersensitive to conditions of a system and is often thought to be unpredictable and difficult to explain. However, recent work has shown that chaos can be added as noise to improve amplification of weak signals through stochastic resonance. Stochastic resonance has …

Detecting and Measuring Single Nanoparticles & Molecules with a Tapered Optical Fiber CIP
Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan ; Zhu, Jiangang

— The invention describes an instrument for detecting single particles, and measuring their properties (size or mass). The device contains only a tapered optical fiber. A laser diode as the light source and a photo-detector to measure the light intensity are also needed to complete the sensing system.…

Single Nanoparticle Detection by Mode Splitting in Active Microresonators using Heterodyne Technique
He, Lina ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan

— Dr. Lan Yang, Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, is a pioneer in the field of micro- and nano photonics. She recently developed a uniquely sensitive and versatile particle detector using whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical microresonators. Realtime detection and accurate sizing of la…

Single nanoparticle detection and sizing by mode-splitting in an ultra-high-Q microresonator
Chen, Da-Ren ; He, Lina ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan ; Zhu, Jiangang

— With the rapid progress in nanotechnology, a variety of nanoparticles of different materials and sizes have been synthesized and engineered as key components in various applications ranging from solar cell technologies to biomolecular detection1-3. Meanwhile, nanoparticles generated continuously by …


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