Summaries by Inventor Yablonskiy, Dmitriy

MRI-based Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers for early diagnosis and clinical trials
Yablonskiy, Dmitriy ; Zhao, Yue

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Dmitriy Yablonskiy’s laboratory have developed patented neuroimaging techniques to identify pre-clinical and early stage Alzheimer’s disease (AD) using MRI-based biomarkers of amyloid accumulation and other pathological changes in the brain. …

MR Method for Quantification of Anisotropic Diffusion
Conradi, Mark ; Sukstansky, Alexander ; Yablonskiy, Dmitriy

— Magnetic Resonance (MR) is known to allow quantitative measurements of molecular diffusion in different materials. Such materials are frequently composed of structural units. Boundaries of these units serve as restrictive barriers for diffusing molecules. In case of structurally anisotropic units,…


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