Summaries by Inventor Welch, Michael

Natriuretic Peptide-Mediated Imaging and/or Treatment of Atherosclerotic Plaque
Rossin, Raffaella ; Welch, Michael ; Woodard, Pamela

— Background Atherosclerosis is a disease process in which lipid deposition causes the formation of plaques that lead to thickening of the artery walls. The cause of a majority of fatal acute myocardial infarction and sudden coronary death is due to the rupture of soft or unstable plaques; however, t…

Conformationally-flexible benzamide analogs as sigma-2 selective ligands
Mach, Robert ; Rowland, Douglas ; Tu, Zhude "Will" ; Welch, Michael

— The sigma-2 (σ2) receptor is an important target for the development of molecular probes in oncology because of its 10-fold higher density in proliferating tumor cells than in quiescent tumor cells, and the observation that σ2 receptor agonists are able to kill tumor cells via apoptotic …

Cell permaeable nanoconjugates of shell-crosslinked knedel (SCK) and peptide nucleic acids (PNAs) with unr mRNA targeting sequences for early diagnosis and therapy of cancers
Becker, Matthew ; Fang, Huafeng ; Pan, Dipanjan ; Rossin, Raffaella ; Sun, Xiankai ; Taylor, John-Stephen ; Turner, Jeffrey ; Welch, Michael ; Wooley, Karen

— This invention features cell permeable nano conjugates of shell-cross-linked knedel (SCK) and peptide nucleic acids (PNA) with mRNA targeting sequences for early diagnosis and therapy of cancers.


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