Summaries by Inventor Urano, Fumihiko

Wolfram syndrome conditional knock-out mice
Urano, Fumihiko

— Genetically engineered mice and frozen sperm with two loxP sites flanking the mouse Wfs1 gene. These mice can be used to study the mechanisms of neurodegeneration in Wolfram syndrome.

Humanized rat model of Wolfram Syndrome
Urano, Fumihiko

— A humanized rat model of Wolfram Syndrome carrying a Wfs1 gene mutation corresponding to human WFS1 gene point mutation with a stop codon at position a.a. 452.

Humanized mouse model for Wolfram Syndrome
Urano, Fumihiko

— A mouse model of Wolfram Syndrome carrying a pathogenic variant of Wfs1 gene corresponding to human WFS1, c.1672C > T (p.R558c) missense mutation in exon 8 of WFS1.

Vectors for study of Wolfram Syndrome
Abreu, Damien ; Urano, Fumihiko

— Dr. Fumihiko Urano is director of the Wolfram Syndrome International Registry at WU and has developed many research tools for studying Wolfram Syndrome. The following constructs contain the wildtype WFS1 gene with various flags, or mutations of WFS that cause mild forms of Wolfram Syndrome (019395)…

AAVLenti-WFS1 (adeno-associated virus expressing WFS1, lentivirus expressing WFS1)
Urano, Fumihiko

— Adeno-associated virus expressing WFS1, lentivirus expressing WFS1

Wfs1 gene knockout INS-1 cells
Urano, Fumihiko

— Pancreatic beta cell line lacking Wfs1 gene created by CRISPR/CAS9

Wfs1 gene knockout NSC34 cells
Urano, Fumihiko

— Neuronal cell line lacking Wfs1 gene by CRISPR/CAS9

Treatments for Wolfram syndrome
Clark, Amy ; Mahadevan, Jana ; Urano, Fumihiko

— Technology Description Dr. Fumihiko Urano at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) and colleagues have developed therapeutic strategies to treat Wolfram syndrome. Wolfram syndrome is a rare, life-threating, genetic disorder characterized by insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipi…

Whole Body Knockout Mouse on CISD2 Gene
Urano, Fumihiko


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