Summaries by Inventor Tolia, Niraj

Plasmid pHLFcHis-Glycophorin A
Tolia, Niraj

— Plasmid comprising the signal peptide and extracellular domain of human glycophorin A fused to antibody Fc domain and a his tag. This plasmid has been used to study malaria treatments. Publications:

Vaccines and antibodies against malaria and other parasitic diseases in humans and animals
Jimah, John ; Tolia, Niraj

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Niraj Tolia’s laboratory have exploited structure-based vaccine design to develop immunogenic compositions and neutralizing antibodies that could protect against malaria and a range of other parasitic diseases that affect humans, livestock and comp…

Small molecule inhibitors to prevent tetracycline resistance
Dantas, Gautam ; Forsberg, Kevin ; Gasparrini, Andrew ; Park, Jooyoung ; Tolia, Niraj ; Vogel, Joseph ; Wencewicz, Timothy

— Disease indication – Tetracycline resistant infections Drug format – Small molecule (anhydrotetracycline (aTC) or analogs) Drug class – Combination therapy Research stage and Preliminary data Target – Tetracycline destructases (Tet(X), Tet(50), etc) Background &ndas…


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