Summaries by Inventor Thomopoulos, Stavros

Nanofiber scaffolds for delivery of heparin binding growth factors.
Gelberman, Richard ; Sakiyama-Elbert, Shelly ; Schwartz, Andrea "Annie" ; Silva, Matthew ; Thomopoulos, Stavros ; Xia, Younan ; Xie, Jingwei

— Background: Despite advanced surgical techniques and improved rehabilitation therapies, outcomes of tendon repairs are still highly variable. Current surgical interventions are perhaps unsuccessful due to the relatively few numbers of cells present at the repair site. An engineered delivery of stem …

Collagen Matrix Possessing Locally Controllable Internal and Surface Mineral Content
Smith, Lester ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Background: Tissue engineered scaffold repair materials are currently modified with surface mineralization with simulated body fluids (SBF) of collagen provide a lower stiffness than desired in biosynthetic entheses and fail to replicate the naturally graded structure of the human connective tissue …

Adhesive coated sutures for stronger musculoskeletal repairs
Genin, Guy ; Linderman, Stephen ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team at Washington University in St. Louis has developed patented adhesive-coated sutures with the potential to reduce ruptures following surgical repair of tendons and ligaments. These modified sutures are designed to minimize stress by shifting the mec…

Accurate, efficient 2D strain mapping with robust detection of strain localization
Boyle, John ; Genin, Guy ; Pless, Robert ; Thomopoulos, Stavros

— Summary DDE (Direct Deformation Estimation) and SIMPLE (Strain Interference with Measures of Probable Local Elevation) are two simple Digital Image Correlation algorithms that combine image analysis techniques with mechanical engineering principles to provide accurate, efficient, quantitative strai…

Biomimetic device for stronger repair of rotator cuff and other soft tissue-to-bone tears
Galatz, Leesa ; Genin, Guy ; Hoppe, Ethan ; Smith, Lester ; Thomopoulos, Stavros ; Yoon, Dong Hwan

— Technology Description A team of engineers led by Professor Guy Genin has developed a device to strengthen the reattachment of soft tissue to bone for use in orthopedic procedures such as rotator cuff repairs. Although tendon and ligament tears are common, the techniques used to reattach these tis…


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