Summaries by Inventor Thackray, Larissa

Diamond, Michael ; Thackray, Larissa

— Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) is an emerging infectious disease in South America transmitted by mosquitos. VEEV usually resides in forest and swamp areas where human populations are limited, however, VEEV has the potential to cause epidemics in humans and equines. LDLRAD3 has been foun…

Target and method to treat alphavirus infections
Diamond, Michael ; Kim, Arthur ; Thackray, Larissa ; Zhang, Rong

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have identified a target for therapeutic development and created methods to potentially treat arthritogenic alphavirus infection. Arthritogenic alphaviruses, including chikungunya (CHIKV), Ross River, Mayaro and O’nyong…

Novel Murine Astroviruses
Loh, Joy ; Stappenbeck, Thaddeus ; Thackray, Larissa ; Virgin, Herbert ; Wang, David ; Yokoyama, Christine ; Zhao, Guoyan

— Background: Mice are critical animal models for scientists investigating both basic and applied research principles. Several novel murine astroviruses have been identified in mouse facility at Washington University School of Medicine. Astroviruses are RNA viruses often associated with gastrointestin…

Fusion protein for treating multiple strains of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus
Basore, Katherine ; Diamond, Michael ; Fremont, Daved ; Kafai, Natasha ; Kim, Arthur ; Ma, Hongming ; Thackray, Larissa

— Disease indication – Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (VEEV) infection, either naturally-arising and as a result of bioterrorism Drug format – Biologic (soluble receptor fusion protein) Drug class – First-in-class Mode of action – This soluble fusion protein contains domain …


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