Summaries by Inventor Shmuylovich, Leonid

Methods to accurately measure diastolic function from echocardiogram
Chung, Charles ; Kovacs, Sandor ; Shmuylovich, Leonid

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Sandor Kovacs’ laboratory developed a patented, non-invasive, load-independent method to measure the intrinsic diastolic performance of the heart. This load-independent index of filling (LIIF) can be incorporated into the software of echocardiogram…

Pressure recovery ratio (PRR) index for real-time assessment of heart failure
Chung, Charles ; Kovacs, Sandor ; Shmuylovich, Leonid ; Zhang, Weixiong

— Technology Description Researchers in the Cardiovascular Biophysics Laboratory at Washington University developed a patented, real-time, automated index to reliably detect delayed relaxation during cardiac catheterization diagnostics. This technique, called pressure recovery ratio (PRR), serves as…

Tumor Detection Using Digitally Enhanced and Stimulated Thermal Imaging
Achilefu, Samuel ; Meng, Hongyu ; Mondal, Suman ; O'Brien, Christine ; Shmuylovich, Leonid

— Background Temperature differences between tumor and healthy tissue due to increased blood flow and metabolic activity are exploited for thermal imaging (TI) as an adjunct imaging modality for cancer diagnosis. Despite many technological advances and recent improvements, TI has a limited tumor dept…


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