Summaries by Inventor Shen, Jung-Tsung

High resolution imaging using subwavelength grating structures
Shen, Jung-Tsung ; Shen, Yuecheng ; Wang, Lihong

— Conventional optics are generally restrained by a law of physics known as the diffraction limit, which dictates that optical systems can only resolve images down to about half the wavelength of the light used to produce the image (λ/2), or down to about 200 nanometers for most standard optics…

Deterministic two-photon controlled-phase logic gate
Chen, Zihao ; Shen, Jung-Tsung ; Zhou, Yao

— Technology Description Researchers in the lab of Professor JT Shen at Washington University have developed a two-photon controlled-phase quantum logic gate capable of up to 97% fidelity at room temperature. The design uses chiral optical waveguides with photonic molecules to create a deterministic…

Artificial Materials with Enhanced Nonlinearity
Ironside, Daniel ; Shen, Jung-Tsung

— Background: Advances in nonlinear materials give rise to a multitude of optical phenomena that have important applications as switches and modulators in telecommunications and optical computing industry. The degree of optical nonlinearity in a material depends upon the strength of the optical field…


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