Summaries by Inventor Scheller, Erica

Self-capacitance Power Transfer for Efficient Wireless Charging of Small Wearables
Alazzawi, Yarub ; Aono, Kenji ; Chakrabartty, Shantanu ; Scheller, Erica

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Shantanu Chakrabartty’s laboratory have developed a convenient, wireless power transfer system that exploits the body’s self-capacitance to charge small, low power, wearable and minimally-invasive devices. Wearable devices traditionally rely o…

Encapsulation to protect detection antibodies in implantable and wearable biosensors
Chakrabartty, Shantanu ; Gupta, Rohit ; Luan, Jingyi ; Morrissey, Jeremiah ; Scheller, Erica ; Singamaneni, Srikanth

— Technology Description An interdisciplinary team of researchers at Washington University have developed a universal system designed to extend the lifetime of implantable and wearable biosensors by protecting detection antibodies from harsh conditions and enabling a refreshing process to release bo…


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