Summaries by Inventor Sarker, Bapi

Hydrogel substrate system with easy, robust protein functionalization for cell culture
Pathak, Amit ; Sarker, Bapi

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Amit Pathak’s laboratory have developed a hydrogel system that utilizes an aldehyde-based compound to easily and reliably pre-functionalize polyacrylamide for conjugation of proteins, such as collagen and fibronectin, for cell culture applications.…

Synthetic Dendritic Cells for Expanding Antigen-Specific T Cells used in Cancer Immunotherapy
Klechevsky, Eynav ; Pathak, Amit ; Sarker, Bapi

— Technology Description: A team led by Drs. Amit Pathak and Eynav Klechevsky have developed a soft alginate-gelatin matrix-based synthetic dendritic cell to rapidly expand and deliver CD8+ T cells for cancer immunotherapy. CD8+ T cells kill tumors, but current methods to expand them also activate r…


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