Summaries by Inventor Rich, Eliot

Washington University Profile System (WUPS)
Hunstad, David ; Kenney, Kenneth ; Komeshak, Rachel ; Lackey, Ian ; Rich, Eliot

— Background: Faculty members from institutions all over the world are publishing scientific articles, presenting data to conferences, and writing proposals for government-funded grants all simultaneously at one time. Of course, the outcomes happen to be known at different times for each specific task…

Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Roadmap Builder
Brown, Robert ; Drozda, Mandy ; Jones, Sally ; Lackey, Ian ; Rich, Eliot

— Background: The process is an innovative process that uses the paper Oncology protocols to create customized electronic Oncology treatment Roadmaps on demand. The new process completely changes the existing paradigm to create a fully electronic process that can be integrated into existing inpatient …


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