Summaries by Inventor Pathak, Amit

3D tissue culture device that mimics cancer metastasis for in vitro drug discovery
Nasrollahi, Samila ; Pathak, Amit

— Technology Description Engineers in Prof. Amit Pathak’s laboratory have developed a 3D tissue culture device with chambers of variable, tunable stiffness to mimic the multiple microenvironments cancer cells experience in vivo as they metastasize. Traditional 3D extracellular matrix (ECM) mod…

Synthetic Dendritic Cells for Expanding Antigen-Specific T Cells used in Cancer Immunotherapy
Klechevsky, Eynav ; Pathak, Amit ; Sarker, Bapi

— Technology Description: A team led by Drs. Amit Pathak and Eynav Klechevsky have developed a soft alginate-gelatin matrix-based synthetic dendritic cell to rapidly expand and deliver CD8+ T cells for cancer immunotherapy. CD8+ T cells kill tumors, but current methods to expand them also activate r…

Hydrogel substrate system with easy, robust protein functionalization for cell culture
Pathak, Amit ; Sarker, Bapi

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Amit Pathak’s laboratory have developed a hydrogel system that utilizes an aldehyde-based compound to easily and reliably pre-functionalize polyacrylamide for conjugation of proteins, such as collagen and fibronectin, for cell culture applications.…


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