Summaries by Inventor Nelson, Christopher

Selective RANK ligand to treat osteoporosis
Fremont, Daved ; Nelson, Christopher ; Teitelbaum, Steven ; Warren, Julia

— Disease indication – Osteoporosis, skeletal metastasis, and potentially rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, acute myeloid leukemia, and breast cancer Drug format – Engineered Protein Research stage and Preliminary data – Proof of concept in vitro and in vivo Target – Receptor A…

Bacterial and Mammalian Expression Vectors for Production of SARS-CoV Proteins
Dai, Yanan ; Fremont, Daved ; Harvey, Ian ; Nelson, Christopher ; Zhao, Haiyan

— A number of bacterial and mammalian expression vectors for production of SARS-CoV proteins that can be used for immunization, B-cell sorting, and human serum evaluation are available. Expression constructs produce: spike, ACE2, CD147, Surface display, SARS-1 and SARS-2 ORF7a, ORF8, and nucleocapsid…

Targeting B Cells for Antibody-Mediated Graft Rejection
Edelson, Brian ; Fremont, Daved ; Liu, Chang ; Nelson, Christopher ; Wang, Xiaoli

— Disease Indications Drug type: Biologic – engineered protein Drug class: First in class Technology: A recombinant fusion protein that depletes B cells in the recipient that are specific to the donor HLA. The fusion protein offers a targeted therapy for antibody-mediated rejection in the …

Monoclonal Antibodies Against Zika Virus and Purified Zika E Protein
Diamond, Michael ; Fernandez, Estefania ; Fremont, Daved ; Nelson, Christopher ; Platt, Derek ; Zhao, Haiyan

— To generate a panel of antibodies against ZIKV, we serially infected Irf3/ mice 30 days apart with ZIKV MR-766 (Uganda, 1947) and ZIKV H/PF/2013 (French Polynesia, 2013). Irf3/ mice were used instead of wild-type (WT) mice, because ZIKV strains are deficient in evading type I interferon-mediated imm…


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