Summaries by Inventor Liu, Yongjian

CCR2-targeted cancer nanoimmunotherapy
Lim, Kian-Huat ; Liu, Yongjian ; Zhang, Xiaohui

— Disease indication – Drug format – Combination containing radiolabeled copper nanocluster, small molecule, and peptide Drug class – First-in-class Target – CCR2, the receptor for CCL2 Mode of action – The ECL1i peptide is conjugated to a copper nanocluster loaded…

Broad spectrum chemokine receptor imaging agent
Liu, Yongjian

— 64Cu-DOTA-vMIP-II is a broad spectrum PET imaging agent that provides a non-invasive measurement of up to 10 chemokine receptors involved in the inflammatory processes of various diseases. This agent is based on the peptide vMIP-II (viral macrophage inflammatory protein-II), a viral CC chemokine enc…

Nanomaterials for Imaging and Treatment of Amyloidosis
Bieschke, Jan ; Guruswami, Sundaram ; Liu, Yongjian ; Sharma, Vijay

— Background 8 million people per year are diagnosed with light-chain (AL) amyloidosis, a progressive disease than can quickly affect the kidney, heart, and nervous system if left untreated. The current method of diagnosis involves histological confirmation via biopsies of bone marrow, fat, and organ…


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