Summaries by Inventor Ladenson, Jack

Antibodies to Troponin
Ladenson, Jack

— Antibody codes: 2B1.9 (3268) and 2F6.6 Publication: Bodor GS, Porter S, Landt Y, Ladenson JH. Development of monoclonal antibodies for an assay of cardiac troponin-I and preliminary results in suspected cases of myocardial infarction. Clin Chem. 1992 Nov;38(11):2203-14. Antibody codes: 5…

Antibodies to transferrin receptor
Ladenson, Jack ; Porter, Sharon

— Analyte: Transferrin Receptor (CD71) Antibody codes: 2B7.4 (4065) and 2F6.3 (4077) Publications:

Antibody to Myoglobin
Ladenson, Jack

— Analyte: Myoglobin Antibody codes: Notes: Suitable for two-site immunoassay Publication: Silva DP Jr, Landt Y, Porter SE, Ladenson JH. Development and application of monoclonal antibodies to human cardiac myoglobin in a rapid fluorescence immunoassay. Clin Chem. 1991 Aug;37(8):1356-64.

Antibody to Calmodulin
Ladenson, Jack

— Analyte: Calmodulin Antibody code: 2D1.15 Publication: Sacks DB, Porter SE, Ladenson JH, McDonald JM. Monoclonal antibody to calmodulin: development, characterization, and comparison with polyclonal anti-calmodulin antibodies. Anal Biochem. 1991 May 1;194(2):369-77

Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Injury
Ladenson, Jack ; Landt, Yvonne ; Laterza, Omar ; Modur, Vijay

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Jack Ladenson’s laboratory have discovered biomarkers and associated antibodies for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) that could be used for early/presymptomatic diagnosis or in clinical trials for AD drugs. This patented technology is based on the i…

Antibody to SPRR3
Ladenson, Jack ; Young, Pampee

— Analyte: Small proline rich protein 3 (gene SPRR3) Antibody codes: 3E9.1 (4587), 4G3.1 (4563), and 2F10.2 (4604) Publications:

Measurement of NT-ProBNP in human blood using a monoclonal antibody
Ladenson, Jack ; Landt, Yvonne ; Laterza, Omar

— This is a monoclonal antibody specific for NT-Pro BNP and can be used singly in a competitive immunoassay to measure the amount of this analyte in blood samples for the purpose of diagnosis or monitoring of congestive heart failure. In addition, it could be used in a sandwich immunoassay with a mono…

Polyclonal antibody for straining human Cytokeratin 13 (HuCK13)
Ladenson, Jack

— Rabbit polyclonal antibodies were generated using two distinct 20-mer synthetic peptides corresponding to the unique C-terminal extension of HuCKI 3 using standard protocols. Final purification used the corresponding peptide immunogen affinity column. Possible uses: histological detection in tumors …

Immunohistochemical diagnosis of human renal chromophobe carcinoma
Crimmins, Dan ; Gaut, Joseph ; Ladenson, Jack

— This novel immunohistochemical marker would be a valuable diagnostic aid to the practicing surgical pathologist who is confronted with this particular diagnostic challenge. Companies may license this antibody for clinical testing, or cases may be referred to Washington University for subspecialty c…

Anti-MIOX antibodies for sensitive, specific early detection of acute kidney injury
Crimmins, Dan ; Gaut, Joseph ; Ladenson, Jack ; Laterza, Omar ; Lockwood, Christina ; Modur, Vijay

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed patented antibodies designed to identify MIOX (myo-inositol oxygenase), a renal-specific biomarker that can be detected immediately following acute kidney injury (AKI). AKI can be caused by surgery, s…


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