Summaries by Inventor Klechevsky, Eynav

Targeting CD5+ Dendritic Cell in Skin for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases
Klechevsky, Eynav

— Background Dendritic cells (DCs) are antigen-presenting cells that are essential to the adaptability of the immune system. Several subsets of DCs have been identified in tissues that interface with the environment (e.g. skin, mucosal lining). While the role of specific DC subsets are unknown, DCs p…

Agonistic Anti-CD40 Monoclonal Antibodies
Klechevsky, Eynav

— The monoclonal antibodies developed are agaonistic monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies can help in enhancing the immune system by activating dendritic cell subsets. Furthermore, these antibodies are unique, as they can activate Dendritic cells without the need for cross-linking the receptor.

Synthetic Dendritic Cells for Expanding Antigen-Specific T Cells used in Cancer Immunotherapy
Klechevsky, Eynav ; Pathak, Amit ; Sarker, Bapi

— Technology Description: A team led by Drs. Amit Pathak and Eynav Klechevsky have developed a soft alginate-gelatin matrix-based synthetic dendritic cell to rapidly expand and deliver CD8+ T cells for cancer immunotherapy. CD8+ T cells kill tumors, but current methods to expand them also activate r…


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