Summaries by Inventor Kim, Albert

Therapeutic Approach for Huntington’s Disease (HD)
Kim, Albert ; Yano, Hiroko

— Dr. Hiroko Yano and Dr. Albert Kim, and their research teams at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis developed and extensively evaluated a novel therapeutic approach using DNMT inhibitors to treat Huntington’s Disease (HD) and other neurodegenerative disorders. Currently D…

“Gemini” connector device to prevent peripheral venous catheters from dislodging and leaking
Arias, Eric ; Bayly, Philip ; Dacey, Ralph ; Derdeyn, Colin ; Genin, Guy ; Kim, Albert ; Leuthardt, Eric ; Norlin, James ; Scheid, Brittany ; Singamaneni, Srikanth ; Vemuri, Chandu ; Wang, Lihong ; Zipfel, Gregory

— Technology Description A team of researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed the patented “Gemini” breakaway connector to turn peripheral venous catheter (PVC) fluid flow on and off without leaking. In addition, this easy-to-use device is designed to prevent PVC di…


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