Summaries by Inventor Jiang, Xuntian

Novel bile acids as biomarkers for Niemann-Pick type C disease
Jiang, Xuntian ; Ory, Daniel

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University have developed and validated a set of bile acid biomarkers to screen, diagnose, and monitor the progression of Niemann-Pick disease type C (NPC), a genetic lysosomal storage disorder resulting from a defect in lipid transport. Previous ef…

Sensitive and Accurate Mass Spec-based assay for simultaneous quantification of glycosylsphingosine and galactosylsphingosine
Jiang, Xuntian ; Ory, Daniel

— Background Gaucher and Krabbe disease are two types of lipid (fat) storage diseases that can result in progressive damage to the nervous system and other organ systems. Together, these diseases affect about 450,000 people worldwide. In both of these diseases, there is an undesirable accumulation of…


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