Summaries by Inventor Hultgren, Scott

Antibiotic-sparing small molecule therapy for urinary tract infection and other Gram-negative pathogens
Dodson, Karen ; Hultgren, Scott ; Omattage, Natalie ; Pinkner, Jerome ; Yuan, Peng

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Scott Hultgren’s laboratory have discovered an antibiotic-sparing method for treating infections from E. coli and other Gram-negative bacteria. This approach is designed to block pathogens from colonizing their host by using small molecule inhibito…

Vaccine to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infection
Caparon, Michael ; Flores-Mireles, Ana ; Hultgren, Scott ; Pinkner, Jerome

— Technology Description Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis have developed a vaccine strategy to prevent catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). CAUTIs are the most common cause of hospital-acquired infections. Many of these are caused by Enterococcus bacteria. CAUTIs a…


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