Summaries by Inventor Holtzman, Michael

2ftgh-ISRE-CBG99 cell line
Holtzman, Michael

— Description: 2ftgh-ISRE-CBG99 cell line- a report line for interferon stimulation. To create these cells the inventors generated a report plasmid of interferon-stimulated response element (5xISRE)-driven luciferase, and co-transfected this vector together with pPUR plasmid into the human 2ftgh fibr…

Stat1-flox mouse
Holtzman, Michael

— This is a trangenic mouse with the floxed Stat1 gene. This mouse can be breed with whole body or tissue specific Cre lines to knockout out STAT1 – which is a transcription factor that is essential for the interferon signaling pathway. Publication: Respiratory Enterovirus (Like Parainfluenza Virus)…

Novel kinase inhibitor drugs to treat respiratory disease or breast cancer
Alevy, Yael ; Brett, Thomas ; Holtzman, Michael ; Patel, Anand ; Patel, Dhara ; Romero, Arthur

— Disease indications: Drug format: small molecule Drug class: first in class Research stage and Preliminary data: Preclinical development of the lead compound for respiratory disease includes in vitro and in vivo efficacy, selectivity and initial toxicity testing. Preclinical development of the…


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