Summaries by Inventor Holtzman, David

Mouse Anti-Human PLD3 (Phospholipase D3) antibody HJ16.6
Holtzman, David

— Anti-human hPLD3 antibody raised in mice. The antibody isotype is islgG2b.

P301Stau/E4 cross-bred mice
Holtzman, David

— Description: P301Stau/E4 cross-bred mice Publication: Shi Y, Yamada K, Liddelow SA, Smith ST, Zhao L, Luo W, Tsai RM, Spina S, Grinberg LT, Rojas JC, Gallardo G, Wang K, Roh J, Robinson G, Finn MB, Jiang H, Sullivan PM, Baufeld C, Wood MW, Sutphen C, McCue L, Xiong C, Del-Aguila JL, Morris JC, Cru…

LDLR-Tg Mice
Holtzman, David

— Description: LDLR transgenic mice Publication:

pAAV-CBA/LDLR and pAAV-CBA/mTFP plasmids
Holtzman, David

— Description: Plasmids encoding LDLR and TFP developed by Dr. David Holtzman and colleagues. Note: Contact for additional information. Plasmid maps are available.

LDLR luciferase reporter in U87 cells
Holtzman, David

— U87 cells that express guassia luciferase under the control of the human LDLR promoter with constitutive HRP expression. WU878: PhLDLR/guassia luciferase WU988: pTL/guassia luciferase


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