Summaries by Inventor Henderson, Jeffrey P.

Metabolic biomarkers for accurate, real-time diagnostics and monitoring of C. difficile infection
Crowley, Jan ; Henderson, Jeffrey P. ; Robinson, John

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Jeffrey Henderson’s laboratory have developed a method of analyzing metabolic biomarkers from fecal samples to more accurately identify C. difficile infection (CDI) and distinguish between symptomatic and asymptomatic colonization. CDI is currently …

Urine-based metabolomics signature to predict severe COVID-19
Henderson, Jeffrey P. ; Marks, Laura ; Robinson, John

— Technology Description A team of researchers has discovered a urinary metabolite pattern occurring early in COVID-19 disease progression that can predict which patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 are at high risk for respiratory failure or death. This metabolite signature could potentially provide a…

Target and small molecule drugs to selectively neutralize bacteria in urinary tract infections
Henderson, Jeffrey P.

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Jeffrey Henderson’s laboratory have discovered a drug target and a class of small molecule candidates that could be used to selectively prevent pathogenic enterobacteria from causing diseases such as urinary tract infections (UTIs). Currently, UTI…

Urinary Biomarker of Uropathogen Colonization
Henderson, Jeffrey P. ; Hung, Chia ; Parker, Kaveri

— Urinary tract infection (UTI) caused by uropathogenic Escherichia coli (UPEC) is one of the most common infectious diseases in women. The morbidity and economic impact are enormous, with over $2.5 billion spent annually on treatment. The high rates of recurrence, and the large numbers of women that …


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