Summaries by Inventor He, Lina

Single Nanoparticle Detection by Mode Splitting in Active Microresonators using Heterodyne Technique
He, Lina ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan

— Dr. Lan Yang, Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, is a pioneer in the field of micro- and nano photonics. She recently developed a uniquely sensitive and versatile particle detector using whispering gallery mode (WGM) optical microresonators. Realtime detection and accurate sizing of la…

Single nanoparticle detection and sizing by mode-splitting in an ultra-high-Q microresonator
Chen, Da-Ren ; He, Lina ; Ozdemir, Sahin ; Yang, Lan ; Zhu, Jiangang

— With the rapid progress in nanotechnology, a variety of nanoparticles of different materials and sizes have been synthesized and engineered as key components in various applications ranging from solar cell technologies to biomolecular detection1-3. Meanwhile, nanoparticles generated continuously by …


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