Summaries by Inventor Elbert, Donald

Low-cost, synthetic hydrogel scaffold to promote nerve growth and regeneration
Elbert, Donald ; Roam, Jacob

— Technology Description Engineers led by Dr. Donald L. Elbert have developed a patented, self-assembling hydrogel microsphere scaffold system designed to improve tissue regeneration by creating cell migration pathways to repair large nerve gaps. This technology generates the migration pathways by c…

SILTmass software
Bateman, Randall ; Elbert, Donald

— Background Quantitation of relative or absolute amounts of proteins by mass spectrometry can be prone to large errors. The use of MS/MS ion intensities and stable isotope labeling, a method called isotope labeling tandem mass spectrometry (SILT), decreases the effects of contamination from unrelate…

SPARTA – A Stent for Fusiform Aneurysms that Prevents Endoleaks
Bayly, Philip ; Derdeyn, Colin ; Elbert, Donald ; Genin, Guy ; Leuthardt, Eric ; McCoy, Kathleen ; Suh, JunWoo ; Teh, Yuni ; Vemuri, Chandu ; Zhao, Alan ; Zipfel, Gregory

— Background: Popliteal artery aneurysms are the most prevalent type of peripheral aneurysms and are treated surgically to prevent rupture. Currently, surgical options include open surgery or endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). EVAR is less invasive than open surgery, resulting in shorter hospital st…


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