Summaries by Inventor Culver, Joseph

Lightweight, wearable cap for bedside functional optical neuroimaging
Bergonzi, Karla ; Culver, Joseph ; Eggebrecht, Adam ; Ferradal, Silvina

— Technology Description Researchers in Prof. Joseph Culver’s laboratory have developed a patented, compact, lightweight functional neuroimaging device for long-term bedside monitoring. This technology, based on high-density diffuse optical tomography (HD-DOT), could be used as a surrogate for …

Hands-free, Wireless Goggles for Near-infrared fluorescence and Real-time Image-guided Surgery
Achilefu, Samuel ; Akers, Walter ; Bauer, Adam ; Culver, Joseph ; Liu, Yang

— Background: Current cancer management faces several challenges, including high occurrence of residual tumor after resection, adverse effects from sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy, and use of bulky systems in surgical suites for image guidance. Technology Description: To overcome these limitations, …


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